Where to Stay with an RV in Monument Valley

The Monument Valley is a great outdoors experience that people of all stripes can appreciate.  The deep red soil, unique landscape of buttes and spires, and rich history make this a must-see locale for anyone travelling in the four corners area.  Naturally, a big chunk of people visiting will be driving in RVs.  And most RV drivers will want to find a good RV park to spend the night while exploring the Southwest.  

RV Life

RVing itself is an amazing way of life.  Driving from state to state, getting to spend the night in remote locations, and bringing the comforts of home along with you on the road are all the ingredients of an amazing road trip! 

The Monument Valley is a perfect place to visit during a road trip.  And fortunately, the Monument Valley does have such RV parks available! The RV spots start at $44 and are a great option for staying at Goulding’s.  

RV Spot Amenities

The Goulding’s RV park has many immediate amenities, such as electricity, water, and sewage hookups.  The RV park also has a nearby pool, separate shower facilities, and barbeque areas as well.  The RV park also has wireless internet and cable/satellite TV.  With all these amenities combined, the RV park is a very comfortable and exciting place to book a stay while staying in the Monument Valley!

After a long day of exploring the Monument Valley, going on guided tours, and enjoying the attractions at Goulding’s, you can return to your RV and watch TV while checking your email or browsing the web!  There’s not much more you can do to finish off an amazing day in the Monument Valley.

Other Amenities

In addition to that, there are other nearby amenities.  This includes several food options in the area, such as the grocery store, convenience store and food court, and Stagecoach Restaurant.  RVers have the option of either eating out or cooking their own meals in their RVs!  You don’t need to bring your ingredients from home – they’re all available at the Goulding’s grocery store.

Other Options?

There are other options for RVs in the Monument Valley.  For example, Kampgrounds of America has an RV site in the area.  However, the advantage that the Goulding’s RV park has over these other sites is the sheer concentration of amenities in the immediate area. 

The myriad dining options, the guided tours, conveniences such as the laundromat and airstrip, cultural experiences (the museum, gift shop, and movie theater), and more make the Gouldings RV park the perfect spot to be.  You can easily walk to all these various amenities and have a great time!  

RV Camping in Monument Valley

The best thing about the Monument Valley RV park at Goulding’s is that it’s almost like being in a small town in the middle of nature.  At Goulding’s, visitors are able to share together in their Monument Valley experience.  Eating together, going on tours, visiting attractions like the movie theater or gift shop, and going to the pool together make this a real cool experience.  There’s not much you can do to beat this! 

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