Best tours in Monument Valley

Packed with majestic landscapes you’ll have to see in person to believe, Monument Valley is one of the top destinations for travelers who love the great outdoors. Filled with iconic landmarks like the East and West Mittens, John Ford’s point and even the awe inspiring Three sisters view point, there’s no better place than Monument Valley to fill your camera roll with images you can enjoy for a lifetime.

While in Monument Valley you’ll want to experience as much of the splendor of the surrounding areas as you can and the best way to do so is through a guided tour. This will allow you access to areas and viewpoints that are only available through a guided tour and you’ll also receive in depth information about your surroundings from well trained professional tour guides.

Goulding’s Resort and tours has been part of the fabric that makes up Monument Valley since the 1920’s and is the premiere provider of guided tours in the area. Goulding’s deep rooted history and incredibly detailed knowledge of the valley allows you to not only see the very best Monument Valley has to offer but also keeps you safe and very well informed on the area’s rich Navajo history.

So let’s saddle up and discover the best tours of Monument Valley!

Goulding’s Sunset tour

End your day by watching nature’s slideshow of ever-changing light and the different moments it creates. This amazing tour of Monument Valley’s 17 mile loop takes you through the valley’s most magnificent landscapes while the sun says its majestic goodnight to the area’s mesas, arches and buttes.

The tour starts about 2 hours before sunset and lasts around 2 and a half hours. This is the perfect amount of time to witness the sun’s vibrant glow accentuate the valley’s natural wonders. The tour ends in front of the mittens where you can witness the sunlight’s last glow.

Goulding’s All Day Tour

If you want to experience Monument Valley in all of its glory, leaving no stone unturned then Goulding’s all day tour is the perfect option for you. This 8 hour tour takes you through the traditional 17 mile loop but also takes you through scenic Mystery Valley.

You’ll explore Mystery Valley in the morning and then enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch prepared by your guide. You’ll then make your way to gorgeous Hidden Valley covering the same 3.5 hour tour. At the tail end of the tour you’ll be treated to a sacred Hogan steeped in Navajo culture.

Goulding’s Full Moon Tour

If you are fortunate enough to be in the area during the full moon, Goulding’s Lodge & Tours in Monument Valley offers a unique expedition allowing you to experience the beauty and wonder of Monument Valley, set aglow by the natural moonlight.

This 2 and a half hour tour has a departure time of 10pm and takes you through the 17 mile loop similar to Goulding’s other available tours. You may want to bring extra layers of clothing depending on the season.

Regardless of which tour you choose, you’ll fall in love with the wide open breathtaking landscapes of Monument Valley. Let Goulding’s be your guide and book one of our amazing tours today!

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